Software consists of Programs ,documentation, operating procedures - Introduction of Software Engineering

Q.  Software consists of ______ .
- Published on 24 Jul 15

a. Set of instructions + operating procedures
b. Programs + documentation + operating procedures
c. Programs + hardware manuals
d. Set of programs

ANSWER: Programs + documentation + operating procedures


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 09 Oct 15
    - The reference to 'art' addresses the issue of creativity and the term 'economy' at least hints at management, but the definition as stated, is clearly not applicable to software engineering.

    - In order to adapt this definitionto software engineering we first need a definition of software.

    - Following the thrust of the general definition of engineering a broad definition might be that:

    - Software consists of the programs,documentation and operating procedures by which computers can be made useful to man.

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