Software Design Concept - Software Testing (MCQ) questions and answers for Q. 6306

Q.  Which is the most desirable form of coupling?
- Published on 14 Aug 15

a. Control coupling
b. Data coupling
c. Common coupling
d. Stamp coupling

ANSWER: Data coupling


  • rahul kumar   -Posted on 04 Jan 16
    Data Coupling is most desirable coupling....for ques1 ans should be data coupling
  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 25 Nov 15
    - Data coupling is the most desirable form of coupling.
    - It is passed to a module to begin the processing of that module or it can be return to the calling module.
    - It occurs when modules share data, for e.g. parameters.

    Control coupling - This module controls the flow of another module by passing the information on what-to-do flag.

    This may lead to changing the way of module that reads a record because the module does not need to modified the field.

    When one component passes parameters to control the activity of another component, we say that there is a control coupling between the two module.

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