Software design paradigm - Design, Maintenance, Programming - Process Modelling and SDLC

Q.  The software design paradigm is a part of software development and it includes ________ .
- Published on 23 Jul 15

a. Design, Maintenance, Programming
b. Coding, Testing, Integration
c. Requirement gathering, Software design, Programming
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Design, Maintenance, Programming


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 06 Oct 15
    Software Paradigms

    - Software paradigms refer to the methods and steps, which take place while designing the software.

    - Many methods are being proposed and are in work today, but we need to see where do these paradigms stand in software engineering.

    - They can be combined into various categories, though each of them is contained in one another:
    Software Evolution

    - Programming paradigm is a subset of Software design paradigm which is further a subset of Software development paradigm.

    Software Development Paradigm
    - This Paradigm is known as software engineering paradigms because all the engineering concepts pertaining to the development of software are applied.
    - It includes various researches and requirement gathering which is required to build the software product. It consists of –

    1. Requirement gathering
    2. Software design
    3. Programming

    Software Design Paradigm
    - This paradigm is a part of Software Development and they include –

    1. Design
    2. Maintenance
    3. Programming

    Programming Paradigm
    - This paradigm is closely related to the programming aspect of the software development. It includes –

    1. Coding
    2. Testing
    3. Integration

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