Software-end factors affecting maintenance Cost - Maintaining the System

Q.  Which Software-end factors affecting maintenance Cost?
- Published on 22 Jul 15

a. Structure of Software Program
b. Programming Language
c. Dependence on external environment
d. All mentioned above
e. None of the above

ANSWER: All mentioned above


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 23 Oct 15
    Cost of Maintenance
    - The cost of maintenance is high.
    - A study took place on estimating software maintenance found that the cost of maintenance is as high as 67% of the cost of entire software process cycle.
    - If we remove the cost of software maintenance on an average it is more than 50% of all SDLC phases.
    - There are various factors, which trigger maintenance cost go high, such as:

    Real-world factors affecting Maintenance Cost
    1. The standard age of any software is considered up to 10 to 15 years.
    2. Softwares, which were meant to work on slow machines with less memory and storage capacity cannot keep themselves challenging against newly coming enhanced softwares on modern hardware.
    3. It becomes costly to maintain old software as technology improves.
    4. Most maintenance engineers are freshers and use trial and error method to rectify problem.
    5. The changes that can be made easily hurt the original structure of the software, making it hard for any subsequent changes.
    6. Changes are often left undocumented which may cause more conflicts in future.

    Software-end factors affecting Maintenance Cost
    1. Structure of Software Program
    2. Programming Language
    3. Dependence on external environment
    4. Staff reliability and availability

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