Software interrupt invokes system calls - Operating System

Q.  What invokes the system calls? (Operating System)
- Published on 26 Aug 15

a. A privileged instruction
b. An indirect jump
c. A software interrupt
d. Polling

ANSWER: A software interrupt


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 23 Nov 15
    - When an application software terminates or when it requests the operating system for some service it is known as a software interrupt.

    - This is same as a hardware interrupt, which occurs at the hardware level.

    - This interrupt only communicates with the kernel and indirectly interrupts the central processing unit.

    - They are associated with an interrupt handler, which is actually just a routine that is activated when an interrupt happens.

    - Only one bit of information is communicated during a software interrupt.

    - It is also used to perform an input/output request.

    - This request, in turn, calls kernel routines that actually perform the service.

    - It often emulates most of the features of a hardware interrupt.

    - Like a hardware interrupt, it calls only a specific interrupt vector and saves the accumulators and registers.

    - It can also make use of some of the hardware interrupt routines.

    - Similar in functionality to a subroutine call, it is used for different purposes in a device.

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