Software size - KLOC (Kilo Line of Code) or number of function points - Planning and Managing the Project

Q.  Which may be estimated either in terms of KLOC (Kilo Line of Code) or by calculating number of function points in the software?
- Published on 22 Jul 15

a. Time estimation
b. Effort estimation
c. Cost estimation
d. Software size estimation

ANSWER: Software size estimation


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 14 Oct 15
    Project Estimation

    - For an effective management accurate estimation of various measures is a must. With correct estimation managers can manage and control the project more efficiently and effectively.

    - Project estimation may involve the following:

    Software size estimation
    - Software size may be estimated either in terms of KLOC (Kilo Line of Code) or by calculating number of function points in the software.
    - Lines of code depend upon coding practices and Function points vary according to the user or software requirement.

    Effort estimation
    - The managers estimate efforts in terms of personnel requirement and man-hour required to produce the software.
    - For effort estimation software size should be known.
    - This can either be derived by managers’ experience, organization’s historical data or software size can be converted into efforts by using some standard formulae.

    Time estimation
    - Once size and efforts are estimated, the time required to produce the software can be estimated.
    - Efforts required is segregated into sub categories as per the requirement specifications and interdependency of various components of software.
    - Software tasks are divided into smaller tasks, activities or events by Work Breakthrough Structure (WBS).
    - The tasks are scheduled on day-to-day basis or in calendar months.
    - The sum of time required to complete all tasks in hours or days is the total time invested to complete the project.

    Cost estimation
    - This might be considered as the most difficult of all because it depends on more elements than any of the previous ones.
    - For estimating project cost, it is required to consider -
    1. Size of software
    2. Software quality
    3. Hardware
    4. Additional software or tools, licenses etc.
    5. Skilled personnel with task-specific skills
    6. Travel involved
    7. Communication
    8. Training and support

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