Spot the Errors - English (MCQ) for Bank, MBA, CAT, MAT, GMAT, SSC for Q. 26177

Q.  So long (1)  / you work (2)  / honestly, no one (3)  / can fire you. (4)  / No Error (5)
- Published on 06 Jan 17

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5

Add 'as' after 'so long'. The correct form of this conjunction is 'so long as'.

'As long as/So long as' convey the same meaning.

Though there is some difference in their use. 'As long as' is used only in affirmative sense.

'So long as' is used in negative and affirmative both.

e.g. So long as he does not offend me, I will not hit him. (Negative sense)

The correct sentence should be: So long as you work honestly, no one can fire you.

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