Spot the Errors - English (MCQ) for Bank, MBA, CAT, MAT, GMAT, SSC for Q. 26387

Q.  There is (1)  / none who (2)  / can help you (3)  / in this crucial time. (4)  / No Error (5)
- Published on 18 Jan 17

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5

Replace 'who' with 'that'.

Always remember that in case of pronoun, after the words - the same, none, nothing, any, only, the few, the little, all, relative pronoun 'that' is used.

The correct sentence should be: There is none that can help you in this crucial time.

All that glitters is not gold.
I have spent the few dollars that I had.
This is the same dog that helped me.
You may take any book that you may like.

Uses of 'That'
'That' is usedExample
1. After adjective in superlative degreeHe is the best man that I have ever met.
2. In case of persons, animal and lifeless thingsThe pencil that is on the table is mine.
3. After an interrogative pronounWhat is it that scares you? What is the subject that interests you the most?
4. Substitute for single noun already mentionedThe climate of Dehradun is cooler than that of Mumbai.

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