Spot the Errors - English (MCQ) for Bank, MBA, CAT, MAT, GMAT, SSC for Q. 26698

Q.  Rajasthan Canal (1) /will be the (2) / longest canal (3) / in India. (4)  / No Error (5)
- Published on 06 Feb 17

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5

Add ‘the’ before ‘Rajasthan’. Before the names of rivers, canals, seas, oceans, bays, gulfs, groups of islands, etc. ‘the’ should be used.

The correct sentence should be: The Rajasthan Canal will be the longest canal in India.

Some important uses of ‘The’

The is used before -
  • Names of the scriptures -

    The Gita is a holy book.

  • The names of famous buildings -

    The Taj is one of the best buildings in India.

  • The names of nationals, sects and communities -

    The English defeated the Germans.

    The rich should help the poor.

    The Hindus still believe in the caste system.

  • Famous historical events -

    The Green Revolution changed the face of India.

Direction and Names of Unique things -

The sun rises in the east.
The sun and the moon are lamps of heavens.

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