SRD Abbreviation - Capturing the Requirement - Structured Requirements Definition

Q.  SRD stands for _______ .
- Published on 24 Jul 15

a. Software Requirements Definition
b. Structured Requirements Definition
c. Software Requirements Diagram
d. Structured Requirements Diagram

ANSWER: Structured Requirements Definition


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 29 Oct 15
    - Structured requirements specification, a data driven, output-oriented, bottom-up methodology, was initially proposed by Orr2 and builds on the work of Warnier.

    - This methodology focuses on designing a system to provide the right outputs to satisfy the user’s needs.

    - The output orientation of this methodology gives a strong user focus; the objective is to provide the users with exact data they need to perform their jobs.

    - The bottom-up approach tends to reinforce the output orientation because the methodology starts by investigating the necessary outputs, uses those outputs to determine the data and data structures, and then uses the data structures to suggest the necessary functions and/or modules.

    - The tools and techniques, such as Wanier-Orr diagrams, can be used to support other systems analysis and design methodologies.

    - Data redundancy is a concern because of the bottom-up orientation.

    - The report and/or output orientation can lead the analyst to overlook such significant design criteria as the business environment, corporate policy and goals, and upper management philosophy.

    - This methodology lacks a strategic perspective.

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