Standard reference point to define Kelvin temperature scale - Thermodynamics

Q.  Which point is taken as the standard reference point to define the Kelvin temperature scale?
- Published on 20 Aug 15

a. Boiling point of water
b. Triple point of water
c. Freezing point of water
d. Boiling point of Mercury

ANSWER: Triple point of water
The absolute thermodynamic temperature scale is also known as the Kelvin temperature scale. As the heat is absorbed and rejected respectively by the Carnot engine operating between two reservoirs of different temperatures T1 and T2, these two temperatures on the Kelvin scale feature the same relationship with each other.

The heat absorbed and the heat rejected can be measured during two reversible isothermal and two reversible adiabatic processes in a Carnot engine. The triple point of water is used in defining the Kelvin temperature scale.

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