Star Wars Missile Killer System by Israel - Know More

Q.  Which country has deployed a Star Wars style missile killer system, Arrow 3?
- Published on 23 Jan 17

a. Israel
b. Palestine
c. Jordan
d. Pakistan

ANSWER: Israel
Star Wars Missile Killer System by Israel - Know MoreIsrael’s upgraded ballistic missile shield Arrow 3 became operational w.e.f 22nd Jan 2017.

The “Star Wars”-like extension of its capabilities to outer space ensures incoming missiles can be safely destroyed.

Defence Ministry of Israel has stated the US funded Arrow 3 System has been jointly developed by State operated Israel Aerospace Industries and US Firm Boeing Co.

It was handed over to the Israeli Air Force on 18th Jan 2017. The delivery and advanced operational capability of the highly advanced defence system was announced on this date too.

Arrow-3 is under the US-Israel Arrow Weapon System.

The Iron Dome, developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, defends Israel from short-range rocket and other aerial assaults up to 43 miles away.

But the new system takes Israel’s defense capabilities into outer space.

The Arrow-3 stands as one of the most advanced missile defense system in the world.

It aids Israel in fending off long-range missiles, including taking down targets in space.

New missile has half the weight of Arrow-2 and has better operational capabilities. It has nailed a simulation designed to replicate long range missiles possessed by Islamic forces.

The warhead of the missile splits off and becomes a kill satellite to track down intended targets in space.

Arrow-3: Know More
  • Arrow 3 intercepts ballistic missiles, especially those carrying weapons of mass destruction.
  • It attacks ballistic missiles traversing at altitudes of over 100 km and in greater ranges.
  • It could also be ship-based.
  • Faster than Arrow 2, it is slightly smaller weighing nearly half.
  • An Arrow 3 battery is expected to intercept salvos of more than five ballistic missiles within 30 seconds.
  • Arrow 3 can be launched into an area of space before it is known where the target missile is going.
  • Arrow 3 has the same launch system as Arrow 2.
  • Reportedly it cost $2–3 million per unit.

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