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Q.  What does Statistical Quality Assurance involve?
- Published on 23 Jul 15

a. Tracking each defect to its underlying cause
b. Isolated the "vital few" cause
c. Moving to correct them
d. All mentioned above

ANSWER: All mentioned above


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 28 Oct 15
    For software engineering, statistical quality assurance implies the following steps:

    1. Information about software errors and defects is collected and categorized.

    2. An attempt is made to trace each error and defect to its underlying cause.

    3. Using the Pareto principle (80% of the defects can be traced to 20% of all possible causes), isolate the 20% (the vital few).

    4. Once the vital few causes have been identified, move to correct the problems that have caused the errors and defects.

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