Stock and shares - Quantitative Aptitude (MCQ) questions for Q. 65

Q.  Ram can finish a puzzle in 3 hours and Shyam can do the same in 2 hours. Both of them finish the puzzle and get 15 candies. What is Ram’s share?
- Published on 12 Jun 15

a. 3
b. 6
c. 11
d. 12

The question is based on efficiency to do work.

Ram can finish a puzzle in 3 hours. Shyam can finish the puzzle in 2 hours.

=>In one hour Ram can finish 1/3rd of a puzzle

=>In one hour Shyam can finish half the puzzle

A total of 15 candies are to be shared amongst both of them

Hence Ram’s share must be = ((Work done by Ram in 1 hour)/(Work done by Shyam in one hour)+(Work done by Ram in hour))*15

=> 1/3/((1/2)+(1/3))*15

=> (1/3/(5/6))*15

=> 6/15*(15)

=>6 candies

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