Temperature distribution in uniform cross-section fin - Heat Transfer

Q.  A fin of uniform cross-section A and perimeter P has a base temperature Ts and it is exposed to fluid having temperature T How is the temperature distribution in the fin given?

m = √(hP/kA)
h = convective heat transfer coefficient
k = thermal conductivity of fin
T = Temperature of the fin at the distance x from the base of fine
and the constants C1 and C2 depend on the boundary conditions

- Published on 12 Aug 15

a. T – T = C1emx – C2e– mx
b. T – T = C1emx + C2e– mx
c. T + T = C1emx – C2e– mx
d. T + T = C1emx + C2e– mx

ANSWER: T – T = C1emx + C2e– mx

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