Temporary Segments used during Table & Index creation & sorting - Oracle Datafiles and Tempfiles

Q.  What is used by Oracle during Table and Index creation and for sorting?
- Published on 27 Jul 15

a. Tables
b. Indexes
c. Temporary Segments
d. Schemas

ANSWER: Temporary Segments


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 25 Sep 15
    - In addition to the physical files used by the database, Oracle maintains many types of logical structures.

    - Some of them are:

    - Schemas
    - In Oracle, a schema is essentially the same as an account or a username.
    - Each object in the database is owned by a schema.
    - Every Oracle database is created with two initial schemas:SYS, which is used to store the data dictionary and SYSTEM which often stores some data dictionary extensions as well as critical tables for other tools.
    - Other schemas are created by the DBA.
    - Each schema can be granted quotas in any tablespace.
    - There is no necessary relationship between a schema and a tablespace.

    - Temporary segments
    - They are used by Oracle during table and index creation and for sorting as well as for temporary storage required for other operations such as hash joins.

    - Tables
    - All data in the database is stored in tables.
    - Data includes not only user data but also contents of the data dictionary.

    - Indexes
    - Indexes are used both to facilitate the quick retrieval of data from the table and to enforce the uniqueness of column values.
    - Indexes are stored in separate segments from the table data, except for index- organized tables,which are actually indexes that contain all the data.

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