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Q.  In metal cutting operation, maximum heat (i.e. 80-85%) is generated in
- Published on 04 Aug 15

a. the shear zone
b. the chip-tool interface zone
c. the tool-work interface zone
d. none of the above

ANSWER: the shear zone


  • Pankaj Chaugule   -Posted on 19 Nov 15
    - The energy required for the metal cutting operation is stored in material as strain energy, when the metal is deformed elastically.

    - No heat is generated during elastic deformation of the metal in metal cutting operation.

    - But when the metal is deformed plastically, most of the energy used is converted into heat.

    - The heat generated in metal cutting operation is generated in three individual regions. They are as follows.

    The shear zone: About 80-85% heat is generated in this region. Heat is produced due to the requirement of energy to shear the metal.

    The chip tool interface region: 15-20% heat is generated in this region to overcome friction.

    The tool-work interface region: 1-3% heat is generated in this region to frictional rubbing between flank face and workpiece.

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