Tianlian I-04 : China’s 241st mission of the Long March series

Q.  China on 22nd Nov 2016 launched the Tianlian I-04 satellite. What is this satellite known for?
- Published on 25 Nov 16

a. Providing data relay services for country’s medium and low earth orbiting resources satellite
b. Real time communication between ground and spacecraft
c. Both of the above
d. Neither of the above

ANSWER: Both of the above
Tianlian I-04 : China’s 241<sup>st</sup> mission of the Long March seriesChina on 22nd Nov 2016 successfully launched the Tianlian I-04 satellite from Niching Satellite Launch Centre in Sichuan province of Southwest China. Data satellite was launched on the Long March 3C carrier rocket.

The launch of Tianlian I-04 marks the 241st mission of the China Long March series of rockets.

This satellite was developed by China Academy of Space Technology/CAST under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

It will join its three predecessors to attain global network operation

It is based on the DFH-3 or Dongfangghon-3 platform, a medium capacity telecommunications satellite designed and developed by CAST.

The network aims at data relay, measurement and control services for China’s manned spacecraft , space and lab stations .

It will offer data relay services for China’s medium and low earth orbiting resources satellites

It will also provide measurement and control support for spacecraft launches

Know All About Tianlian I satellites
  • Tianlian-I-01 was launched in April 2008- it is currently positioned at 77 degree E
  • Second satellite Tianlian I-02 was launched in July 2011
  • With the launch of Tianlian I-03 in July 2012, the country managed full global coverage for tracking and data relay system
  • These satellites provide real time communication between ground and spacecraft
  • China’s first experimental satellite was launched in 1984
  • It has sent more than 100 spacecrafts in recent decades. This includes 20 BeiDou navigation satellites
  • China has also launched its first lunar probe Chang’e-1

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