Transducer Stage in measurement system

Q.  In which stage the measurement system comes in contact with the measurand or the quantity to be measured?
- Published on 15 Sep 15

a. Transducer Stage
b. Signal Processor Stage
c. Output Stage
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Transducer Stage


  • Pankaj Chaugule   -Posted on 24 Nov 15
    - All the functions of mechatronics system bring results with measurements.

    - Therefore, measurement system is the most essential and important component in mechatronics system.

    - The measurement systems are generally represented by block diagrams.

    - There are three stages of generalized measurement system.

    1. Transducer Stage: The measurement system comes in contact with the measurand or the quantity to be measured in transducer stage. This stage is also called as sensor stage. The measurand may be temperature, pressure, displacement, velocity, acceleration, etc.

    2. Signal Processor Stage: The output from transducer may require some processing and modification. This process is done at the signal processor stage. In this stage, the operations like amplification, filtering, integration, analog to digital conversion, etc. are involved.

    3. Output Stage: This stage has function to produce a useful output from the signal which is processed at the signal processor stage. The signal at output stage contains the information about the quantity which is measured by measurement system.

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