Transfer function of electrical system

Q.  What is the transfer function of an electrical system given below?

I: Current
V: Voltage
R: Resistance

- Published on 15 Sep 15

a. V
b. 1/V
c. I
d. 1/R



  • maryam   -Posted on 03 Jan 19
    what is the transfer function of magnetic ball?
  • Pankaj Chaugule   -Posted on 24 Nov 15
    - The transfer function of a system can be defined as the value by which if the input is multiplied, we will get the response of the system.

    - Above diagram shows an electrical system which consists of voltage source and resistance.

    - The source applies a voltage V across a resistance R. This is the input. This results in current flowing through the circuit. Therefore, current is a response.

    - According to the ohm's law,

    V = I x R

    V x (1/R) = I …................................(1)

    - The equation (1) represents,

    Input(V) x Transfer function(1/R) = Response(I)

    - Therefore, the transfer function of the given electrical system is 1/R

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