Tuticorin based plant makes baking soda from Carbon dioxide!

Q.  In a break through in which South Indian plant it has been made possible to convert CO2 to baking soda?
- Published on 04 Jan 17

a. Tuticorin
b. Vizag
c. Cochin
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Tuticorin
Tuticorin based plant makes baking soda from Carbon dioxide!A breakthrough make useful products out of planet-heating CO2 emissions has been attained.

A plant at the S. Indian industrial port of Tuticorin is capturing CO2 from its own coal-powered boiler.

It is using it to make soda ash or baking powder.

The technology is running without subsidy which is a major advancement for carbon capture technology.

Firm says chemicals will lock up to 60 thousand tonnes of CO2 per year.

Tuticorin plant is the first industrial scale example of CCU/carbon capture and utilisation.

This expands the market for CO2 as a chemical raw material.

Stripping CO2 from low concentrations in flue gas was tough.

Indian plant called Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals uses a new CO2 stripping chemical developed by IIT investors at Carbonclean.

Less energy is required for this carbon capture technology which is less corrossive and requires smaller equipment.

The soda ash is a base chemical with a wide range of uses including glass manufacture, sweeteners, detergents and paper products.

Carbonclean believes capturing usable CO2 can deal with perhaps 5-10% of the world’s emissions from coal.

By producing a subsidy-free carbon utilisation project, Carbonclean has made rapid strides in CCU technology.

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