Type of α - β brass

Q.  Which of the following is α – β brass?
- Published on 11 Sep 15

a. Admiralty brass
b. Brazing brass
c. Cartridge brass
d. All of the above

ANSWER: Brazing brass


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 21 Nov 15
    - Copper and zinc form an alloy of brass.

    - (α – β) brass contains 32 to 40% zinc. These brasses are hot worked at high temperature and are hard and strong as compared with α – brass.

    - Different types of (α – β) brass are:

    1) Naval brass: 1% tin is added in Muntz metal.

    2) Muntz metal: It is known as 60 : 40 brass and which means it contains 60% cu and 40% Zn.

    3) Brazing brass: This type of brass contains 50% Cu and 50% Zn.

    - Admiralty brass and cartridge brass are examples of α brass.

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