Types of redundant truss

Q.  Redundant truss is a type of ______
- Published on 18 Sep 15

a. perfect truss
b. imperfect truss
c. stable truss
d. none of the above

ANSWER: imperfect truss


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 16 Dec 15
    - Trusses are of two different types: Perfect and imperfect truss.

    - Imperfect truss is further classified as redundant truss and deficient truss.

    - Unstable or imperfect truss: It is a truss which collapses when loaded. For these trusses n ≠ 2 j – R. Trusses which satisfy the this condition are known as imperfect trusses.

    - The condition for redundant truss is n > 2j – R

    here (n = number of joints, j = number of members, R = number of reaction components)

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