Types of transmission shaft

Q.  Which among the following is a type of transmission shaft?
- Published on 14 Sep 15

a. Spindle shaft
b. Crankshaft
c. Counter shaft
d. All of the above

ANSWER: Counter shaft


  • Mr.Thanlin   -Posted on 28 Jul 19
    One more,please
  • Okaulo Nathan Ochom   -Posted on 27 Aug 18
    Your work is very summerised easy to understand
  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 03 Nov 15
    Shaft – It is a rotating member used to transmit power or motion. Transmission shafts and machine shafts are two different types of shafts used.

    1) Transmission shafts: These shafts are used to transmit power between source and machine. Transmission shafts are further classified as:

    a) Line shafts: This transmission shaft is directly driven by a prime mover.

    b) Counter shafts: This transmission shaft is a secondary shaft driven by main shaft through belt, chain or gear drive.

    2) Machine shafts: These shafts are short rotating shafts which form an integral part of machine. Machine shafts are further classified as:

    a) Spindle shafts: Spindle is a rotating axis of machine which has a shaft.

    b) Crankshaft: It is a mechanical part which is used to convert reciprocating motion into rotational motion. Crank shaft in reciprocating engine translates reciprocating motion of piston into rotational motion.

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