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Q.   Match the following List 1 to List 2:
a. UpdatePanel ------------------ i. If Master Page contains a ScriptManager then content page will use this control.
b. UpdateProgress -------------- ii. ContentTemplate
c. Timer -------------------------- iii. ProgressTemplate
d. ScriptManagerProxy -------- iv. Tick Event

- Published on 28 Jul 15

a. a - iii b - ii c - iv d - i
b. a - ii b - iii c - iv d - i
c. a - i b - ii c - iv d - iii
d. a - i b - ii c - iii d – iv

ANSWER: a - ii b - iii c - iv d - i


  • Raj Singh   -Posted on 21 Sep 15
    UpdatePanel: It has two important child tag named ContentTemplate and the Triggers tags. The ContentTemplate holds the content of the panel. UpdatePanel is used to update only the portion of the page and the user does not see a full-screen refresh. The UpdatePanel control works as a container for other controls.
    UpdateProgress: This control has ProgressTemplate child tag. You can define the information you wish to display to the user inside the ProgressTemplate tag.
    Timer: This control can be used to update portions of a page on a periodic or timed basis. Timer control’s has Tick event. Tick event is fire on given interval.
    ScriptManagerProxy: This control is used either by content pages that use a master page that already defines a ScriptManager control. It is also used while you are using custom control.

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