Use of thrashing - Decreases degree of multiprogramming- Operating System

Q.  What is the use of thrashing?
- Published on 19 Oct 15

a. It improves system performance
b. It implies excessive page I/O
c. It decreases the degree of multiprogramming
d. It reduces page I/O

ANSWER: It decreases the degree of multiprogramming


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 12 Nov 15
    - Thrashing occurs when a computer's virtual memory subsystem is in a constant state of paging, rapidly exchanging data in memory for data on disk, to the exclusion of most application-level processing.

    - This causes the performance of the computer to degrade or collapse.

    - The situation may continue indefinitely until the underlying cause is addressed.

    - It is also used for various similar phenomena, particularly movement between other levels of the memory hierarchy, where a process progresses slowly because significant time is being spent acquiring resources.

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