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Q.  One ton of refrigeration is equal to ______
- Published on 02 Sep 15

a. 120 B Th U/hr
b. 200 B Th U/hr
c. 1200 B Th U/hr
d. 12000 B Th U/hr

ANSWER: 12000 B Th U/hr


  • Vijay Kumar    -Posted on 06 May 18
    A refrigeration ton is approximately equivalent to 12,000 BTU/h or 3.5 kW. Air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment capacity in the U.S. is often specified in "tons" (of refrigeration). Many manufacturers also specify capacity in BTU/h, especially when specifying the performance of smaller equipment.
  • Sravanthi    -Posted on 12 Nov 15
    - Ton of refrigeration is the standard unit of refrigeration.

    - The capacity to freeze 1 ton of water from and at 0° C in 24 hrs is called as one ton of refrigeration.

    - One ton of refrigeration = 12000 B Th U/hr (British thermal unit

    and 1 B Th U is equal to 1.055 kJ)

    - In SI system, One ton of refrigeration = 200 B Th U/min x 1.055 kJ/min = 3.517 kJ/s or kW
  • hardik patel(bhailal)   -Posted on 23 Oct 15
    wrong anser
    correct one is 200

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