Verification is responsibility of QA Team - SDLC

Q.  Verification is the responsibility of _______.
- Published on 18 Aug 15

a. Developer
b. Designer
c. Tester
d. QA Team
e. All the stakeholders



  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 30 Oct 15

    - Verification is the responsibility of the QA Team .

    - The QA team (Quality Assurance team) tests the system and generate a list of bugs.

    - QA's role is to demonstrate the absence of defects.

    - QA should also be responsible for constructing and managing regression tests. That should be done outside of the engineering team.

    - Developer test bugs and fix those bugs.

    - Testers execute tests and evaluate the results and found document problems.

    - The designer builds quality into software from the start by mapping requirements to clear, unambiguous visual flow charts.

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