WB Economist finds new mathematical proof for Pythagorean theorem.

Q.  World Bank economist Kaushik Basu has provided proof for which mathematical theorem on 19th September 2015?
- Published on 21 Sep 15

a. Pythagorean theorem
b. Fermat’s Last Theorem
c. Abel’s Binomial Theorem
d. Abhyankar-Moh Theorem

ANSWER: Pythagorean theorem
World bank economist Kaushik Basu has found new proof of the Pythagorean theorem. Cornell University economist, Basu demonstrated his proof in a paper titled "A New and Very Long Proof of the Pythagoras Theorem By Way of a Proposition on Isosceles Triangles.” Greek mathematician Pythagoras proved the same theorem around 500 BC. James Garfield also completed his proof of the Pythagoras theorem in 1876, 4 years prior to his election as a president. In deriving the proof Basu discovered some new things about the properties of isosceles triangles — ones with at least two sides of equal length. Right triangles are ones with one square (90-degree) angle.

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