What are functions of SPSC?

Q.  Which statements are true regarding powers and functions of State Public Service Commission?

1) It is consulted for principles to be followed during promotions and appointments.
2) Selection by the SPSC does not confer any right to the post on the candidate.
3) If the government fails to consult SPSC in regards to personnel management, then the aggrieved public servant cannot go to court.

- Published on 14 Mar 17

a. 1, 3
b. 1, 2
c. 2, 3
d. All of the above

ANSWER: All of the above
  • The functions of the State Public Service Commission (SPSC) are similar to those of the UPSC.

  • They are -

  • Conduct examinations for appointment to the services of the state.

  • In relation to Personnel Management it is consulted on the following matters -

    (a) All the matters relating to the methods of recruitment to civil services and for civil posts.

    (b) The principles that need to be followed in making appointments to civil services and posts.

    (c) The principles for making promotions and transfers from one service to another.

    (d) The suitability and eligibility of candidates for appointments to civil services and posts; for promotions, deputation etc.

    (e) Recommendations for promotions are made by concerned departments and these are ratified by the request the UPSC.

    (f) Disciplinary matters relating to different Civil Services including memorials or petitions relating to such matters.

    Some disciplinary actions can be -

    1. Censure i.e., severe disapproval.

    2. Withholding of increments or promotions.

    3. Recovery of pecuniary loss.

    4. Reduction to lower service or rank (Demotion) or compulsory retirement.

    5. Removal or dismissal from service (dismissal disqualifies a person from future employment under the government while removal allows the possibility of such future employment).

    (g) Matters concerning grant of extension of service and re-employment of certain retired civil servants.

    (h) Other matters related to personnel management.

    (i) SPSC is consulted along with the concerned state High Court, while framing rules for appointment to judicial service of the state other than the posts of district judges, by the Governor.

  • The Supreme Court has said that if the government does not consult SPSC in the above matters, the aggrieved public servant cannot move the court.

  • Thus any irregularity in consultation with the SPSC does not nullify the decision of the government.

  • The provision is not obligatory.

  • Selection by the SPSC does not confer any right to the post on the candidate.

  • State Legislature can confer additional functions relating to the services of the Union.

  • It can also place the personnel system of any authority, corporate body or public institution within the jurisdiction of the UPSC.

  • The SPSC annually presents report on its performance to the Governor.

  • The Governor places this report before the State Legislature, along with reasons for non-acceptance of advice of the commission.

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