What are qualifications of High Court Judge?

Q.  Which of the following is/are true?

1) President appoints Chief Justice of High Court and should consult Governor of the State.
2) For common High Court, the Governors of all the concerned states concerned are consulted.

- Published on 09 Mar 17

a. Only 1
b. Only 2
c. Both 1 and 2
d. Neither 1 nor 2

ANSWER: Both 1 and 2
    Judges of High Court -

  • Every high court has a chief justice and other judges as decided by the President.

  • Constitution does not specify the strength of a High Court.

  • It is at the discretion of the President.

  • Appointment of Judges of High Court -

  • President appoints judges of a High Court.

  • President appoints the chief justice of High Court after consulting with the Chief Justice of India and the Governor of the concerned state.

  • Chief Justice of the High Court is consulted when appointing other judges of the High Court.

  • For common high court, the Governors of all the concerned states concerned are consulted.

  • In the Third Judges case (1998), the Supreme Court said that to appoint High Court judges,the Chief Justice of India must consult a collegium of two senior-most judges of the Supreme Court.

  • Qualifications of Judges -

    A person shall be qualified for appointment as a Judge of a High Court if -

    (a) he is a citizen of India; and

    (b) has for at least ten years held a judicial office in the territory of India or has for at least ten years been an advocate of a High Court or of two or more such Courts in succession.

  • There is no minimum age as well as no provision for appointing a distinguished jurist as High Court Judge.

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