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Q.  What does N, P and L mean in N.P.L. Gauge interferometer?  
- Published on 07 Aug 15

a. Nikon pulsed laser
b. Nuclear plasma laboratory
c. National Physics Laboratory
d. Nuclear physics laboratory

ANSWER: National Physics Laboratory


  • JITENDRA KUMAR VERMA   -Posted on 06 Oct 19
    It should be...National Physical Laboratory Interferometer
  • Prasiddha engineering student(b v manikanta)   -Posted on 08 Nov 15
    It is a simple form of interferometer
  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 26 Oct 15
    - N, P and L in N.P.L. Gauge interferometer indicate National Physics Laboratory.

    - N.P.L. flatness interferometer is used to check flatness of an interferometer.

    - Pitter - N.P.L. Gauge interferometer is used to measure actual length of gauges.

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