What is angle of obliquity?

Q.  The angle between normal stress and tangential stress is known as angle of  ______
- Published on 23 Sep 15

a. declination
b. orientation
c. obliquity
d. rotation

ANSWER: obliquity


  • Suhas   -Posted on 19 Dec 18
    What is the right ans.?
  • Swastik mishra   -Posted on 10 Dec 17
    The angle made by the resultant stress with the normal of the oblique plain is known as obliquity.
  • mudasir    -Posted on 19 Nov 17
    A plane under complex stress has a normal and shear stress acting simultaneously. Then there will be a resultant stress. The angle between the resultant and normal stress is called the angle of obliquity and is represented by a......above statement is incorrect .. correct answer is rotation
  • Sachin   -Posted on 26 Jun 17
    It is rotation angle
  • pushpendra singh    -Posted on 22 Nov 16
    The above definition is wrong according to the figure,

    The definition will be,
    Obliquity is the angle between resultant stress and normal stress.
  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 25 Nov 15
    Angle of obliquity: It is the angle made by normal stress with the tangential stress.

    - tan Φ = σt / σn

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