What is cantilever beam?

Q.  The beam having one end free and one end fixed is called as _______
- Published on 21 Sep 15

a. Cantilever beam
b. Continuous beam
c. Overhang beam
d. Simply supported beam

ANSWER: Cantilever beam


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 24 Nov 15
    - Cantilever beam: It is a rigid structural element which is anchored at one end from which it protrudes.

    - Cantilever structures are highly based on torque and rotational equilibrium. These constructions allow overhanging structures without having any support pillars.

    - Cantilever beam transfers load to support which manages moment of force and shear stress.

    - Continuous beam: It is a statically indeterminate beam on hinged support which may have end spans cantilever, freely or fixed supported

    - Overhung beam: This beam has one end or both ends extending beyond supports.

    - Simply supported beam: This beam has pinned support at one end and roller support at the other end.

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