What is Central Council of Local Government?

Q.  Central Council of Local Government was setup in -
- Published on 10 Mar 17

a. 1882
b. 1993
c. 1992
d. 1954

ANSWER: 1954
    Central Council of Local Government -

  • The Central Council of Local Government was set up in 1954.

  • It was established under Article 263 of the Constitution of India by an order of the President of India.

  • The original name was Central Council of Local Self-Government.

  • In 1980’s ‘self-government’ was replaced by the term ‘government’.

  • Till 1958, it dealt with both urban as well as rural local governments.

  • After 1958 it has been dealing with matters of urban local government only.

  • The Council is an advisory body.

  • It consists of the Minister for Urban Development in the Government of India and the ministers for local self government in states.

  • The Union minister acts as the Chairman of the Council.

  • The Council performs the following functions with regard to local government -

    1. Making proposals for legislation.

    2. Examining the possibility of cooperation between the Centre and the states.

    3. Considering and recommending the policy matters.

    4. Drawing up a common programme of action.

    5. Reviewing the work done by the local bodies with the Central financial assistance.

    6. Recommending Central financial assistance.


  • Tushar Rathod   -Posted on 11 Apr 18
    Hiii can you give me a proper proof for a central council of local government because recently in our exam they give ans. 1956 so i need proof plz if u can

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