What is cylindrical portion in Venturimeter? - Fluid Mechanics

Q.  The cylindrical portion of short length, which connects converging and diverging section of venturimeter, is called as
- Published on 04 Aug 15

a. diffuser
b. connector
c. throat
d. manometer tube

ANSWER: throat


  • Pankaj   -Posted on 28 Sep 15
    According to Bernoulli's principle, the velocity head increases in an accelerated flow by reducing cross sectional area of the flow passage. Venturimeter works on Bernoulli's principle. It is a rate of fluid flow measuring device.
    Venturimeter consists on a short converging cone which has total included angle of 21 ± 1o leading to a cylindrical portion of short length known as 'throat'. Diameter of the throat varies between 1/3 to 3/4 of pipe diameter. The second end of the throat is connected to a diverging section know as diffuser. The diffuser has total included angle 5o to 7o which is again connected to main pipeline. Manometer is used to measure pressure difference between main pipe line and throat.

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