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Q.  What is meant by Nil Ductility Transition Temperature (NDT)?
- Published on 06 Aug 15

a. Metal gets transformed from brittle to ductile phase
b. Metal gets transformed from ductile to brittle phase
c. Metal gets transformed from malleable to ductile phase
d. Metal gets transformed from elastic to ductile phase

ANSWER: Metal gets transformed from ductile to brittle phase


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 07 Oct 15
    - Nil Ductility Transition Temperature (NDT) is defined as the temperature at which metal transfers from ductile phase to brittle phase.

    - Some steels have ductile fractures above high temperatures and brittle fractures at low temperatures. This test varies depending on prior mechanical or heat treatments and also on the nature of impurities present.

    - The presence of metallurgical notch leads to premature failure of equipments and this metal rupture is called as notch brittleness.

    - The property of metals to resist fractures in presence of metallurgical notch is called as notch toughness.

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