What is refrigerator cycle? - Thermodynamics

Q.  Which of the following is NOT the heat engine cycle
- Published on 19 Aug 15

a. refrigerator
b. stem power plant
c. mass of gas confined in a cylinder and piston machine
d. none of the above

ANSWER: refrigerator
In heat engine cycle, a net heat is transferred to the system and a net work is transferred from the system. In the system of mass of gas confined in a cylinder and piston machine, the heat is added to the system and work is done by the system on the piston and vice versa. In stem power plant initially the heat is added from the furnace to boiler, this stem passes through the turbine and work is done, then the stem is condensed to water in condenser and the heat is rejected from the system, and finally work is done on the system to pump the water back to the boiler. But refrigerator does not consist heat engine cycle, because in refrigerator, the work is done on the system and heat transfer takes place from the system.

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