What is the SI unit of linear momentum?

Q.  What is the SI unit of linear momentum?
- Published on 18 Sep 15

a. kg.m2 / sec
b. kg.m / sec
c. N.sec2
d. N.m.sec

ANSWER: kg.m / sec


  • Daniel   -Posted on 07 Oct 20
  • Samba   -Posted on 02 Sep 19
    Very good study material. Thank you
  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 16 Dec 15
    - Linear momentum is defined as the total quantity of motion possessed by a particle.

    - Linear momentum = mass x velocity

    - It is a vector quantity which possess both magnitude and direction.

    - Momentum of heavy vehicles such as trucks is more than light vehicles such as bikes. Momentum basically means mass in motion.

    - Mass is measured in kg and velocity is measured in meter / sec.

    Therefore, S.I. unit of linear momentum is kg.m / sec.

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