What is Torsional Shear Stress?

Q.  Torsional Shear Stress is the stress induced when a component is subjected to equal and opposite _______.
- Published on 14 Sep 15

a. forces acting in perpendicular direction
b. couples acting in perpendicular direction
c. couples acting in parallel planes
d. forces acting in parallel direction

ANSWER: couples acting in parallel planes


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 30 Oct 15
    The different types of stresses induced in mechanical components are:

    1) Tensile stress
    2) Compressive stress
    3) Torsional shear stress
    4) Bearing pressure
    5) Direct shear stress
    6) Bending stress

    Torsional shear stress:

    - The stress induced in a mechanical component is called as torsional shear stress, if it is subjected to action of two equal and opposite couples acting in parallel planes.

    - Torsional shear stress is maximum at outer surface and zero at centroidal axis.

    - Torsional shear stress (τ) = Tr / J

    here, T = torque applied, r = radial distance from centroidal axis, J = Polar moment of inertia

    - It is measured in N / mm2

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