What is Watts mechanism based on? - Theory of Machines - 1

Q.  Watt's mechanism is based on
- Published on 06 Aug 15

a. inversions of single slider chain mechanism
b. inversions of double slider chain mechanism
c. inversions of four bar chain mechanism
d. inversions of five bar chain mechanism

ANSWER: inversions of four bar chain mechanism


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 19 Oct 15
    - Kinematic inversion is defined as a process of selecting different links of a chain to form a frame.

    - Coupled wheels of a locomotive, beam engine, Watt's engine and Watt's mechanism are different inversions of four bar kinematic chain.

    - Reciprocating engine mechanism, Gnome engine, Whitworth quick return mechanism, hand pump etc, are different inversions of single slider kinematic chain.

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