What is/are the advantages of the TCP/IP?

Q.  What is/are the advantages of the TCP/IP?
- Published on 23 Sep 15

a. TCP/IP provides reliable communication across the internet.
b. Information on the internet is carried in packets.
c. TCP/IP is a robust and scalable network.
d. All of the above.

ANSWER: All of the above.


  • Maidho Deo   -Posted on 07 Dec 22
    It's good can I get a summarized book of programming and networking
  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 19 Oct 15

    Advantages of TCP/IP:

    - TCP gives guarantee that a packet will reach on the destination without any duplication and the order of data will be same.

    - TCP is a reliable protocol.

    - TCP is a connection oriented protocol, it means that connection must be open between two ends before sending data.

    - It has a scalable, client-server architecture.

    - It enables the internetworking between the organizations.

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