When is effective length twice actual length of column?

Q.  If the effective length of a column is twice the actual length, then the column is ________
- Published on 23 Sep 15

a. fixed at both the ends
b. hinged at both the ends
c. fixed at one end and free at the other end
d. fixed at one end and hinged at the other end

ANSWER: fixed at one end and free at the other end


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 25 Nov 15
    - The relation between actual length and effective length for different end conditions is given as follows:

    1) If both ends are hinged, Le = L

    2) If one end is fixed and other is free, Le = 2 L

    3) If both ends are fixed, Le = L / 2

    4) If one end is fixed and other end is hinged, Le = L /√2

    - Effective length is the distance between point of contra-flexure or inflexion along the length of column.

    - If the effective length of column is less, than it has high load carrying capacity and less danger of lateral buckling.

    - Crippling load in terms of effective length can be given as follows:

    Crippling load = (π2E I) / (Le)

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