Which paper is used in sulphur printing technique?

Q.  Which of the following photographic papers is used in sulphur printing technique?
- Published on 11 Sep 15

a. Bronze bromide paper
b. Copper bromide paper
c. Silver bromide paper
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Silver bromide paper


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 20 Nov 15
    - Sulphur distribution in steel sample can be revealed by using chemical method known as sulphur printing.

    - Photographic silver bromide paper is used for this purpose. In this process, this paper is soaked in 2% sulphuric acid. Later the paper is removed from acid bath and is held vertical to drain out the excess acid.

    - This paper is then laid down the test specimen and the bubbles are removed so that they have intimate contact.

    - A pattern of dark brown is obtained when sulphides on steel surface react with acid giving hydrogen sulphide which reacts with silver bromide on this paper.

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