Which protocol is used after authentication has been completed?

Q.  Which protocol is used after authentication has been completed?
- Published on 19 Oct 15

a. User Datagram Protocol
b. PPP Protocol
c. Transmission Control Protocol
d. Network Control Protocol

ANSWER: Network Control Protocol


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 15 Oct 15

        - The Network Control Protocol (NCP) is a part of Point-to-Point Protocol.

        - After authentication has been completed a Network Control Protocol (NCP) is used.

        - The NCP is a set of control protocols to allow the encapsulation of data coming from network layer such as IP, IPX etc. in the PPP frame.

        - It defines how the link between two devices is to be established and how the data exchange should take place.

        - It decides the encapsulation of network layer data into the data link frame.

        - NCP defines the way in which the two devices can authenticate each other.

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