Work done in constant volume process - Thermodynamics

Q.  Work done in a constant volume process is
- Published on 20 Aug 15

a. negative
b. zero
c. positive
d. none of the above

ANSWER: zero
When a thermodynamic system undergoes a path from one state to another state work is done either by the system or on the system. When we plot this path on P-V diagram then the area under this curve is the work involved in transformation. In constant volume process the path of change of state will be,

From above diagram, as the constant volume process, the initial volume V1 is equal to final volume V2. Thus there is no area under the curve. Thus work done in constant volume process is zero.


  • Kuna Karteek   -Posted on 07 Dec 16
    when p-v diagram plot, the area under p-v graph in constant volume process should be zero so work is zero.
    work done=pdv in constant volume dv=0, therefore work is 0

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