World’s deepest underwater cave discovered!

Q.  Which country is home to the world’s deepest underwater cave at 404m?
- Published on 03 Oct 16

a. Czechoslovakia
b. Poland
c. Finland
d. Denmark

ANSWER: Czechoslovakia
World’s deepest underwater cave discovered!Polish explorer Krzysztof Starnawksi has made the discovery. The world’s deepest under water cave, 404 m or 1325 feet down, is located near the easternCzech town of Hranice.
  • The explorer found the cave in the Hranice Abyss, which he had been exploring since 1998
  • He scuba dived to the narrow slot at 200m depth
  • A specially made underwater robot then went to the depth of 404m
  • Hranice Abyss which divers have explored for years now was 12m deeper than record holder Pozzo del Merro, a flooded sinkhole in Italy
  • Czech Speleological Society believed that the cave was deeper than 404m
  • Mud and the water temperature of 15 degree C or 59 degree F made diving in the cave tough
  • The water’s mineral composition damaged equipment and exposed skin
  • The limestone abyss beats the previous record holder

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