Younger earth had a thinner atmosphere

Q.  Younger earth had a __________ atmosphere.
- Published on 11 May 16

a. Thicker
b. Thinner
c. Wider
d. Stronger

ANSWER: Thinner
Traditionally, it was believed that Earth had a thicker atmosphere but scientists have found air at the time exerted at almost half the pressure of today’s atmosphere. New finding reverses the idea that early earth had a thicker atmosphere to compensate for weaker sunlight.
  • Finding also has implications for studies associated with relating to gases in that atmosphere and how biology and climate worked on the early planet
  • Team used bubbles trapped in 2.7 billion year old year old rocks to arrive at that conclusion
  • The idea of using bubbles trapped in the cooling lava as a paleobazometer was proposed by study co-author Roger Buick

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