Antonyms & Synonyms - Practice Test for IBPS, SBI, RRB, RBI, SSC - Set 4

1)   Choose the word most nearly opposite to the given word.


a. Argue
b. Placate
c. Usurp
d. Destroy
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Meaning: To abdicate is give up, such as power, as of monarchs and emperors, or duties and obligations.

Example: The king abdicated when he married a commoner.

Synonyms: Renounce, Step Down, Vacate, Relinquish, Forgo

Antonyms: Keep, Defend, Remain, Stay, Pursue

2)   Asperity

a. Release
b. Demure
c. Fatigue
d. Calmness
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ANSWER: Calmness

Meaning: Asperity is defined as a way of speaking or behaving that is harsh or irritable.

Example: You must not speak with asperity with the officials.

Synonyms: Harshness, Acrimony, Bitterness, Crabbiness

Antonyms: Courtesy, Kindness, Politeness, Contentment

3)   Succor

a. Genius
b. Abet
c. Injure
d. Deciduous
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ANSWER: Injure

Meaning: Succor is to relief or help, assistance in the time of difficulty.

Example: Sounds like you could use some succor.

Synonyms: Assistance, Aid, Help, Support, Relief

Antonyms: Blockage, Hurt, Hindrance, Injury, Obstruction

4)   Disparage

a. Hesitate
b. Settle
c. Applaud
d. Trouble
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ANSWER: Applaud

Meaning: It means to belittle, discredit or degrade a person or idea.

Example: Why do you always disparage his efforts?

Synonyms: Criticize, Decry, Degrade, Underrate

Antonyms: Admire, Approve, Commend, Compliment

5)   Mendacious

a. Veracious
b. Pleasing
c. Rhythmic
d. Careful
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ANSWER: Veracious

Meaning: A mendacious person is one who tells lies habitually and intentionally.

Example: If you catch someone intentionally manipulating you with a falsehood, that person is just plain mendacious.

Synonyms: Dishonest, Deceitful, Fallacious, Fraudulent

Antonyms: Frank, Honest, Truthful, Sincere

6)   Fortuitous

a. Spurious
b. Suddenly
c. Accidental
d. Deliberate
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ANSWER: Deliberate

Meaning: Fortuitous means by chance, like a lucky accident.

Example: What a fortuitous coincidence my friend!

Synonyms: Accidental, Fortunate, Odd, Random

Antonyms: Calculated, Deliberate, Intentional, Planned

7)   Aerate

a. Argue
b. Placate
c. Suffocate
d. Destroy
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ANSWER: Suffocate

Meaning: To aerate means to fill, combine or supply with oxygen or expose to fresh air.

Example: Please aerate your old sneakers right now.

Synonyms: Oxygenate, Freshen, Inflate

8)   Rancor

a. Ritual
b. Argument
c. Collect
d. Sympathy
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ANSWER: Sympathy

Meaning: Rancor is a bitter and long lasting hatred.

Example: He was filled with rancor after losing the last match.

Synonyms: Animosity, Grudge, Resentment, Bitterness

Antonyms: Friendliness, Kindness, Sympathy, Liking

9)   Lassitude

a. Release
b. Demure
c. Fatigue
d. Vigor
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Meaning: Lassitude is defined as a feeling of lethargy or a lack of mental or physical energy.

Example: Couch potatoes make lassitude into an art form.

Synonyms: Lethargy, Apathy, Dullness, Fatigue

Antonyms: Action, Diligence, Energy, Interest, Vigor

10)   Dubious

a. Reliable
b. Pleasing
c. Rhythmic
d. Careful
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ANSWER: Reliable

Meaning: Dubious is something that is unlikely to be true, open to suspicion or doubt.

Example: I am dubious about your plans for that trip.

Synonyms: Doubtful, Questionable, Arguable, Skeptical, Questionable

Antonyms: Believable, Certain, Definite, Determined

11)   Denounce

a. Covet
b. Condemn
c. Blame
d. Deplore
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Meaning: To denounce is to take a public stand against something and make clear you don't like or are condemning it.

To denounce is to tattle, rat out, or speak out against something.

Example: He denounced the Nazis all his life.

Synonyms: Condemn, Attack, Accuse, Boycott, Castigate, Excoriate

Antonyms: Applaud, Approve, Exalt, Exonerate, Praise

12)   Approbate

a. Ingratitude
b. Condemn
c. Permit
d. Master
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ANSWER: Condemn

Meaning: Approbate means to approve or sanction officially, accept as valid.

Example: I approbate the one, I reprobate the other.

Synonyms: Accept, Allow, Approve, Consent, Sanction

Antonyms: Contradict, Repudiate, Invalidate, Disagree, Reject

13)   Sullen

a. Dirty
b. Cheerful
c. Clean
d. Risen
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ANSWER: Cheerful

Meaning: Sullen means being withdrawn and appearing sad

Example: Your sullen face depicts it all.

Synonyms: Upset, Brooding, Churlish, Gloomy, Morose

Antonyms: Bright, Pleasant, Cheerful, Happy, Joyful

14)   Resplendent

a. Illuminated
b. Disarming
c. Dowdy
d. Delightful
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Meaning: Someone or something that is resplendent has great beauty and is a pleasure to behold

Resplendent is full of splendor or dazzling.

Example: She’s defiant, resplendent and impossible to turn away from.

Synonyms: Radiant, Blazing, Dazzling, Gorgeous, Lustrous

Antonyms: Dull, Dark, Ugly, Bad

15)   Dilettante

a. Puritan
b. Professional
c. Aesthete
d. Conniver
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ANSWER: Professional

Meaning: A dilettante is a dabbler or a person who cultivates an interest without really committing or learning anything in depth.

A dilettante is an amateur, often one who pretends to be very knowledgeable.

Example: A political dilettante clown is the new republican party nominee.

Synonyms: Amateurish, Rookie, Tenderfoot, Unskilled

Antonyms: Professional, Expert

16)   Unalloyed

a. Dismayed
b. Impure
c. Circumspect
d. Disastrous
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ANSWER: Impure

Meaning: Unalloyed means something which is not alloyed, not mixed with other substances, pure.

Example: There is no unalloyed benefit from higher inflation for anyone.

Synonyms: Absolute, Genuine, Bona Fide, Pure

Antonyms: Indefinite, Dubious, Uncertain, Unsure

17)   Scurrilous

a. Honest
b. Decent
c. Peaceful
d. Satisfactory
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ANSWER: Decent

Meaning: Scurrilous is something that is very abusive, or is scandalous and potentially harmful rumors spread to ruin someone's reputation

Example: They believed outrageous and scurrilous tales about democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Synonyms: Vulgar, Defamatory, Indecent, Lewd, Offending

Antonyms: Clean, Decent, Moral, Pure

18)   Pulchritudinous

a. Pacifist
b. Rare
c. Smooth
d. Unsightly
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ANSWER: Unsightly

Meaning: Pulchritudinous is used to describe a person of breathtaking, heartbreaking beauty.

Example: Those pulchritudinous movie stars have it all.

Synonyms: Beautiful, Alluring, Admirable, Attractive

Antonyms: Unattractive, Ugly

19)   Dyspeptic

a. Trusting
b. Functional
c. Euphoric
d. Talented
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ANSWER: Euphoric

Meaning: Dyspeptic is a person with poor digestion, something that relates to poor digestion or a depressed person.

Example: A common dyspeptic type would be an old man shouting "get off my lawn!" to kids.

Synonyms: Crabby, Mean, Grouchy, Irritable

Antonyms: Amiable, Good-Natured

20)   Dexterous

a. Clumsy
b. Saline
c. Cunning
d. Precious
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ANSWER: Clumsy

Meaning: Dexterous is someone skilled at using their body, hands or mind.

Example: By very dexterous military and diplomatic operations, Vikrant succeeded completely.

Synonyms: Ingenious, Adept, Clever, Apt

Antonyms: Clumsy, Awkward, Inept, Unable