Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Apr 08, 2017

1)   What special day does World Health Day on 7th April mark?

a. Founding of WHO in 1948
b. Introduction of vaccines for major diseases
c. Day of inception of the MSF NPO
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Founding of WHO in 1948

World Health Day is on the 7th of April each year. This day marks the anniversary of the World Health Organization which was founded in 1948.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the leading global health authority within the United Nations System.

The work of WHO is varied and can mostly be summarized through their 6 point agenda.

  • Promote Development
  • Foster Health Security
  • Strengthen Health Systems
  • Harness information, research and evidence
  • Enhance Partnerships
  • Improve Performance
WHO uses the anniversary of their founding day not only as an opportunity to celebrate the organization and its work but also as an opportunity to highlight a current global health priority.

For each World Health Day, WHO designates a health challenge or theme. Previous years themes have included:
  • Road Safety (2005)
  • Shape The Future Of Life (2003)
  • Protecting Health From Climate Change (2008)
  • International Health Security (2007)
  • Anti microbacterial Resistance: No Action Today No Cure Tomorrow (2011)
  • Aging and Health (2012)
Each year is given a theme to highlight a different global health concern. This year’s (2017) is Depression: Let's Talk.

WHD 2017 is the highlight of a year-long campaign which seeks to raise awareness of depression and encourage those who are suffering with it to seek and get help.

Previous themes have included diabetes, vector-borne diseases, protecting health from climate change and road safety.

Depression: Know More
  • Depression is the leading cause of ill health world wide, according to WHO.
  • It is estimated that more than 300 million people are living with depression, an increase of more than 18 per cent between 2005 and 2015.
  • Depression has strong links with other noncommunicable disorders and diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and increases the risk of substance abuse.
  • Depression is also an important risk factor in suicide, which claims hundreds of thousands of lives each year.
  • Treatment usually involves psychotherapy, antidepressant medication or a combination of both.
  • The so-called talking cure administered by general doctors, nurses, or health care workers can be just as effective.

2)   Which state approved a draft bill to prevent attacks on reporters?

a. MP
b. Maharashtra
c. Rajasthan
d. Delhi
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ANSWER: Maharashtra

Maharashtra Cabinet approves draft Bill on law seeking to prevent attacks on journalists

It proposes to increase the punishment to five years of imprisonment, from the current three years.

Maharashtra Cabinet approves draft Bill on law seeking to prevent attacks on journalists

The Maharashtra Cabinet on April 6, 2017 approved a draft Bill on the law that seeks to prevent attacks on journalists.

The Journalist Protection Draft Bill was introduced in the Assembly on April 9 by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

The Bill proposes to amend the provisions of the Indian Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure Act that is aimed at providing protection to government employees from being attacked while on duty.

The Bill seeks to increase the punishment for attacking public servants to up to five years of imprisonment from the current three years, and making it a cognisable and non-bailable offence.

There have been more than 17,682 attacks on government officials on duty in the last six years. In the last four years, four media houses and 337 journalists have been attacked.

The public servants were attacked by corrupt contractors and members of the sand mafia.

Maharashtra government on April 9, 2017 passed an act in the Assembly to prevent attacks on journalists and media houses.

The act was passed without any discussion in the Assembly.

The act has recommended up to three years imprisonment or fine up to INR 50,000 or both for the offenders. The act has also made a provision for punishing a media person for misusing the law.

The offender shall be liable to pay compensation for damage or loss caused to the property of media person or media institution as determined by the court.

He shall be liable to reimburse medical expenditure incurred by the media person, the act said.

However, if media person wilfully misuses the provisions of the act or uses the same for malicious purposes or makes a false complaint under this act; he or she shall be punishable with imprisonment which may extend to three years or with fine which may extend to INR 50,000 or both.

The media person after conviction shall not be entitled to any government benefit and his or her accreditation card if any shall be permanently revoked, the act said.

3)   What does PMKSY stand for?

a. Pradhan Mantri Krishi Samachar Yojana
b. Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana
c. Pradhan Mantri Krishak Samachar Yojana
d. None of the above
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ANSWER: Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana

Union Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Sushri Uma Bharti launched MIS for monitoring PMKSY project in New Delhi on 8th April 2017.

MIS will help in quick monitoring of PMKSY projects. Expressing satisfaction over the execution of various PMKSY projects the Minister said that 21 projects having irrigation potential of 5.22 Lakh hectare will be over by June this year.

Another 33 projects will be over by 2017-18 (Potential Utilization of 12.95 Lakh Hect.) and the balance 45 projects have been identified to be completed by March, 2019 (Potential Utilization of 48.54 Lakh Ha.).

Polavaram Project has been put on a fast track when completed this project is likely to irrigate 2.9 lakh ha.

Maharashtra has undertaken innovative means such as installation of underground pressure pipelines to get over the difficulties of land acquisition for timely completion of these projects.

Under the new MIS, Projectwise nodal officers have been nominated for regularly feeding the physical and financial progress of the projects.

The MIS has been put in the public domain. Project wise/ Priority wise /Statewise physical/financial details in tabular/graphical format are available in MIS.

It has the feature of comparing the progress of the project on quarterly basis and also provides details of the constraints affecting the progress of the project.

PMKSY Projects: Know More

  • The Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation has taken up a programme for completion of 99 prioritised incomplete major and medium irrigation projects in the country under PMKSY.
  • Total fund required for completion of all the 99 identified projects have been estimated at INR.77595 crore (INR.48546 crore for Project Works and INR.29049 crore for Command Area Development works).
  • The Central Assistance (CA) is estimated at INR.31342 crore. The likely total potential utilization through these projects is estimated to be 76.03 lakh hectares.
  • During 2016-17, Central Assistance (CA) of INR 3308 crore was released for projects under AIBP and INR 854 crore for projects under CAD&WM.
  • Further, an amount of INR 3334 crore towards State share has been released through NABARD, for six States.
    An amount of INR 2514 crore has been released for Polavaram project of Andhra Pradesh.

4)   Where is the 3rd National Children's Film Festival been held?

a. Vizag
b. Kochi
c. Thiruvanathapuram
d. Ooty
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Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting and Urban Development M Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated a three-day National Children’s Film Festival in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

It is the largest film festival for children in the country giving the audience quality and wholesome entertainment.

The aim of the film festival is to introduce children to quality cinema and to introduce novel elements beyond films.

A dance performance by the young team of Kuchipudi Kalaa Kendram, a brilliantly coordinated shadow dance performance by Silhouette Squad of Mumbai and the screening of the K.N.T. Sastry’s film Shanu – The Optimist marked the inaugural programme of the three-day National Children’s Film Festival at VUDA Children’s Arena.

Being organised by the Children’s Film Society India (CFSI) in association with the Government of AP, more than 40,000 children from Andhra Pradesh are expected to watch CFSI films at this festival.

The State Government will provide 12 screens in Vishakhapatnam 24 films will be screened at the rate of daily 3 shows.

The festival will showcase 24 popular CFSI films including Akkineni Kutuma Rao’s “Amulyam” another Telugu film along with CFSI popular films like Bandu Boxer, Bhago Bhoot, Chota Sipahi, Chutkan ki Mahabharat, Ek Tha Bhujang, Gauru, Happy Mother’s Day, Krish, Trish & Baltiboy and Pappu ki Pugdandi.

5)   Which global bank signed a USD 175 million loan agreement with India for solar power?

a. ADB
b. NDB
c. World Bank
d. SoftBank
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The Government of India and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a USD 175 million loan agreement to support construction of high voltage transmission systems.

This is to evacuate power generated from new mega solar parks to the interstate grid, and improve reliability of the national grid system.

The loan will be given to the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID) and will include subprojects in various locations in India.

As an innovative feature, the project is designed to adopt the country systems on both safeguards and procurement at the agency level.

In addition to the ADB loan of USD 175 million, the project includes USD 50 million co-finance from the Clean Technology Fund (CTF).

This is a USD 5.8 billion component of the Climate Investment Funds, aimed at providing developing countries with resources to expand efforts in utilising low carbon technologies and transitioning to clean, renewable energy sources.

POWERGRID will make an equity contribution of USD 135 million to support the total project cost of $450 million.

The USD 175 million loan will be from ADB’s ordinary capital resources (OCR) and will have a 20-year term, and an annual interest rate will be applicable, determined in accordance with ADB’s London interbank offered rate (LIBOR)-based lending facility.

The USD 50 million CTF loan financing will come with a 40 year term.

The project will improve the capacity and efficiency of interstate transmission networks, particularly in transmitting the electricity generated from the new solar parks to the national grid.

Apart from the evacuation of 2,500 megawatts(MW) of power from solar parks in Bhadla, Rajasthan, and 700 MW from Banaskantha, Gujarat, POWERGRID is also including two additional subprojects that will increase solar power generation by 4.2 gigawatt and lessen carbon emissions by over 7 million tons every year.

POWERGRID would make an equity contribution of $135 million equivalent to support the total project cost of USD 450 million.

ADB: Know More

  • Headquarters : Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Main organ : Board of Governors
  • President : Takehiko Nakao
  • Purpose : Social and economic development

6)   What is the theme of the first NIMCARE World Health Day Summit?

a. Collect for a Healthy Mind
b. Unite for a Healthy Mind
c. Gather for a Healthy Mind
d. Join Together for a Healthy Mind
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ANSWER: Unite for a Healthy Mind

The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the first NIMCARE World Health Day Summit 2017 on April 7, 2017 in New Delhi.

The slogan of the first NIMCARE World Health Day Summit is, ‘Unite for a Healthy Mind’.

Of the mental health disorders, depression is probably the most common.

Depression affects people of all ages from all walks of life and in all countries.

As per the National Mental Health Survey 2015-16 conducted by NIMHANS, 5.2% of the Indian adult population suffers from depression in some form or the other.

There is a severe shortage of mental health professionals in India and this service gap can be bridged effectively by telemedicine.

The World Health Day Summit has begun in the right direction by launching the eCAP & SOL’s Telepsychiatry application for the rural and urban population in need of mental health consultation.

NIMCARE: Know More

  • NIM CARE is a non-profit organisation founded in the year 2009.
  • It is a registered Charitable Trust under the Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • Founded by a doctor
  • Aims to make cutting-edge research in the field of health available to others

7)   Which private sector bank opened an IFSC banking Unit at GIFT City in April 2017?

a. RBL
d. YES Bank
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Commencing offshore banking operations from India, RBL Bank, on April 6, 2017, announced the opening of its IFSC Banking Unit (IBU) at Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City).

The leading private sector bank had received an in-principle approval from RBI for setting up IBU in November, 2016.

This will give RBL Bank access to international financial markets.

RBL Bank will raise foreign currency funds to meet its requirements in IBU and fund offshore subsidiaries of Indian companies, other foreign firms, and eligible Indian companies (via ECBs, bonds etc.).

Close to around USD 50 billion worth of international business is conducted outside of India in the absence of an IFSC in India.

The global financial hub at GIFT City would be able to retain a lot of this business which is now going out.

Collectively, business of IBUs, at present, at GIFT IFSC has already crossed the $ 2.5 billion mark

RBI has permitted domestic public and private sector banks to open an IFSC banking units (IBU) at GIFT City to undertake foreign exchange transactions with resident and non-resident entities other than individuals.

The IBU will give RBL Bank access to international financial markets and the bank will offer a range of products and services to its clients.

RBL Bank will raise foreign currency funds to meet its requirements in IBU and fund offshore subsidiaries of Indian companies, other foreign firms, and eligible Indian companies (via ECBs, Bonds etc.).

RBL Bank: Know More

  • Headquarters: Maharashtra, India
  • CEO: Vishwavir Ahuja
  • Founded: August 1943
  • Managing director: Vishwavir Ahuja

8)   Who has been appointed as the new director of IIM Trichy?

a. Bhimsingh Metri
b. Bhimsen Metri
c. Bhimraya Metri
d. Bhimkant Metri
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ANSWER: Bhimraya Metri

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Trichy on 5th April 2017 announced that Bhimaraya Metri, an expert in project management, has joined the institute as its new director.

Prior to joining IIM Trichy, Metri was the dean at L&T Institute of Project Management, Vadodara.

He also served as a professor and dean at MDI Gurgaon, IMI, New Delhi and as professor in-charge of the PhD programmes at BITS, Pilani.

Metri has rich academic administrative experience.

An authority in the field of quality, project management and SCM, Metri has published over 100 research articles.

He has also co-authored six books.

He is on the editorial advisory boards of national and international journals.

Metri has more than 25 years of experience in teaching, training, research and consulting, the statement said.

He succeeds Prafulla Agnihotri who was the B-school's founding director.Prior to joining IIM Trichy, Metri was the Dean at L&T Institute of Project Management, Vadodara.

Metri received his Ph.D from IIT Powai, Mumbai and obtained his B.E from Govt. College of Engineering, Karad, and M.E. from Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

He is the member of Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) USA and Institute of Supply Management (ISM) USA.

Metri was on the Board of Directors of DSI and is the first Indian elected as the Vice President (Asia Pacific Division), Decision Sciences Institute (DSI), Texas, USA.

9)   Who won the National Award for the Best Actor for the first time in 2017?

a. Akshaye Khanna
b. Akshay Kumar
c. Ranveer Singh
d. Ranbir Kapoor
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ANSWER: Akshay Kumar

The 64th National Film Awards were announced on 7th April 2017. Sonam Kapoor and Akshay Kumar were among the big winners.

While Sonam’s Neerja was declared the Best Hindi Film of 2016, Rustom won Akshay Kumar the Best Actor award.

Over 300 films vied for the honours this year.

The process to choose the best from Indian cinema began in mid-March.

Filmmaker Priyadarshan was the chairperson of the jury in feature films category, while nationally acclaimed cinematographer and writer Raju Misra was the chairperson in non-feature category.

List of Complete Winners

Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome EntertainmentSathamanam Bhavathi
Special Jury awardMohanlal for Pulimurugan, Janatha Garage and Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol
Special Mention Kadvi Hawa Mukthi bhava (Hindi)
Best Music DirectionBabu Padmanabha (Kannada Lama)
Best Make-up ArtistMK Ramakrishna
Best EditingRameshwar Ventilator
Best Environmental film including agricultureThe Tiger who crossed the line
Best production design24
Sound designerJayadevan (Kaadu Pookunna Neram)
Best stunt choreographyPeter Hein (Pulimurugan)
Best Screenplay (adapted)Sanjay Krishnaji patel (Dashakriya)
Best Screenplay (original)Syam Pushkaran (Maheshinte Prathikaram)
Best Female Playback SingerIman Chakraborty (Praktan)
Best Male Playback SingerSundara Iyer (Joker)
Best Child ArtistAdhish Praveen (Kunju Daivam), Saj (Noor Islam), Manohara (Railway Children)
Best Supporting ActressZaira Wasim (Dangal)
Best ActressSurabhi Lakshmi (Minnaminungu)
Best ActorAkshay Kumar (Rustom)
Best Film on social issuePink
Best Children’s Film Dhanak (Hindi)
Best DirectionRajesh (Ventilator)
Best feature films in regional languagesMadipur (Tulu)
Joker (Tamil)
Wrongside Raju Gujarati
Pelli Chupulu (Telugu)
Dashakriya (Marathi)
Bisarjan’ (Bengali)
Maheshinte Prathikaram (Malayalam)
Ke Sara Sara (Konkini)
Reservation (Kannada)
Neerja (Hindi)
Best DirectorRajesh Mapuskar (Ventilator)
Best Supporting ActorManoj Joshi (Dashkriya)
Best Debut Film of a DirectorDeep Chaudari (Alifa)
Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment'Sathamanam Bhavathi'
Special MentionKadvi Hawa (Hindi)
Mukthi Bhavan (Hindi)
Majirathi Keki (Assamese)
Neerja - Sonam Kapoor
Best Costume DesignerSachin (Cycle)
Sound DesignerJayadevan (Kaadu Pookkunna Neram)
Best Special Effect Award'Shivaay'
Best EditingRameshwar S. Bhagat (Ventilator)
Best Screenplay (adapted)Sanjay Krishnaji Patel (Dashakriya)
Best Screenplay (original)Syam Pushkaran (Maheshinte Prathikaaram